A cocker spaniel that swallowed a battery has been charged for recovery after vets intervened.

Meadow the cocker spaniel
Meadow is recovering well from the incident.

One-year-old Meadow was rushed to Avonvale Veterinary Centre’s Warwick practice when her owners realised she had been chewing on the remote control.

Swift action

After an initial examination, x-rays showed the AAA battery in Meadow’s stomach, leading senior vet Kieran O’Halloran to act swiftly to prevent any serious damage.

Dr O’Halloran said: “[The owner] brought Meadow in as an emergency case, as there is a serious risk with batteries of chemical leakage causing severe internal damage to the stomach and intestines, along with the possible problem of intestinal obstruction.

“Once the x-rays confirmed the battery was in Meadow’s stomach in one piece, we induced sickness and it soon reappeared with no harm done.”

Previous form

Battery x-ray
The x-ray showing the battery from the Evans’ TV remote in Meadow’s stomach (click to zoom).

Meadow’s owner William Evans was relieved and admitted the family’s pet had previous form of trying to eat anything in sight.

He said: “Fittingly enough, my wife and I were watching The Supervet when my wife realised Meadow was chewing on something. It dawned on us she had a battery from the back of the remote, so we rang Avonvale straight away and took her to the Warwick surgery.

“She’s a typical cocker spaniel and goes after everything. She’s had my daughter’s sock before and one time she had three Yorkshire puddings that had been out in the kitchen.

“Kieran soon sorted her out. I slept alongside her the following night as she had been given medication, but she is absolutely fine now.”

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Carol Young
Carol Young
2 months 14 hours ago

We had advice in a similar case from VPIS not to induce vomiting when a battery was ingested

Katie Smith
Katie Smith
1 month 28 days ago
Please do your research before publishing a front-page story that promotes bad practice. With regards to “battery exposure in dogs”, the BSAVA / VPIS Guide to Common Canine and Feline Poisons clearly states, in bold, “do not induce vomiting”. This is due to the risk of severe injury if the battery becomes lodged in the oesophagus. Clearly this didn’t happen with Meadow and no harm was done, but nonetheless it is a contraindicated approach. For most battery ingestions, conservative management is most appropriate, with serial radiographs to document the battery’s progress. Removal is only recommended if: – The battery is… Read more »
Nicola Robinson
Nicola Robinson
1 month 21 days ago
I am Head of Service at the VPIS and would like to back up the comments made up Katie Smith above. Emesis as a treatment following battery ingestion is contraindicated due to their weight and risk of oesophageal obstruction. Although it is good news that Meadow survived, our advice had we been contacted would have been to leave the dog at home and wait for it to pass through. The x-ray clearly shows that the battery is intact and it is likely that this dog would have had no clinical signs at all, and the owners no vet bill. We… Read more »

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