The University of Glasgow is to start delivering an online distance learning Master of Science (MSc) in Advanced Practice in Veterinary Nursing from September.

The MSc programme is the first to be delivered online and has been designed to aid busy professionals. IMAGE: University of Glasgow.
The MSc programme is the first to be delivered online and has been designed to aid busy professionals. IMAGE: University of Glasgow.

According to veterinary school staff, this is the first MSc programme for RVNs to be fully delivered online, and has been designed to aid busy professionals – both UK and international – who wish to study at an advanced postgraduate level without having to leave employment to go into full-time education.

Core skills

The programme, staff said, offers courses encompassing a core set of expert skills, knowledge and competencies. These are then supplemented by a choice of additional specialised areas, including:

  • research
  • education
  • business management
  • ethics

The degree will be delivered by educators and experts from different fields of the veterinary profession and the wider veterinary industry.

More opportunity

Programme director Samantha Fontaine said: “There are few opportunities for RVNs to study at a postgraduate level within their profession, which is why staff are both pleased and enthusiastic about delivering this novel programme.

“It is hoped, on completion of this MSc, RVNs will become self-directed learners, improve their own practice and develop the confidence to further their careers in roles within the wider profession.”


The programme – which is part-time – can be completed within three years. However, students can choose to complete only the postgraduate certificate or diploma, which can be done over one or two years, respectively.

Extremely busy students, meanwhile, can complete the programme over five years.

For more information, visit the University of Glasgow website.

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