Zoetis has introduced an interactive tool to help vets illustrate and record types of equine gastric ulceration syndrome (EGUS).zoetis logo

EGUS can have a profound impact on a horse’s condition and performance – and be life-threatening in foals.

It is often a challenging condition to diagnose, as clinical signs are usually vague and not always present.

Gastric ulcers
Equine gastric ulceration syndrome can be life-threatening in foals.

Accessible format

According to Zoetis, its new tool can help vets map the area affected by gastric disease and record the details in an accessible format.

This information, together with treatment and management recommendations, can be shared easily with clients.

Zoetis said it has launched the digital tool as part of a package – which includes posters and text messages – to support veterinary practices in raising awareness of gastric ulcers to horse owners.

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