Things quickly spun out of control when boxer dog Joe pounced on a giant ball of wool…and proceeded to eat it.

Joe the boxer
Joe being operated on by Rob Reid.

The eight-year-old family dog from Middlesbrough was rushed to White Cross Vets in Coulby Newham after his owners observed him vomiting wool.

Great yarn

Further investigation revealed more wool was present in Joe’s stomach, so vets decided an emergency operation was required. The procedure was carried out by clinic director Rob Reid.

He said: “One of the great things about being a vet is you never know what you’ll see next, and this was definitely a first. The only way we could get it all out quickly and safely was to perform an operation and remove it from his stomach.”

All’s wool that ends wool

He added: “The smell is something I’ll never forget and was the worst we’ve ever encountered in the practice – like a woolly jumper marinated in cheese. However, all is wool that ends wool.

“Thankfully, the surgery went very well and Joe is quickly making a full recovery – this is partly due to his quick-thinking owners who acted fast in getting professional help, because otherwise it might not have been such a happy ending.”

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