Organisers of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) are calling on the UK veterinary profession to help highlight and educate about the importance of preventive health care for the nation’s third most popular pet by signing up to the free initiative.

The 2013 RAW campaign will focus on diet: from improving owner knowledge of a rabbit’s nutritional needs – including the need for a high-fibre diet and a healthy amount of hay – to dispelling myths about foods such as carrots and lettuce which, contrary to popular belief, should not be fed on a regular basis.

Following positive feedback from those in the industry who took part in 2012, RAW will also be supporting free health checks throughout the entire month of May, not just the week of RAW. By offering free health checks over a one-month period, it is hoped more rabbits can get health checked than before.

Practices can get involved in RAW 2013 by hosting rabbit health care clinics or events. Sign up at to order a free support kit and register your plans.

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