Easter is fast approaching, which means several things to those of us in practice:

  • Two Bank Holidays to cover, with a weekend in the middle!
  • Organising cover and an OOH rota and, this year, helping students with OSCE prep too.

Good luck everyone!

Away from practice many clients or potential clients are considering the purchase of a new pet – namely rabbits. They are the third most popular pet in the UK after cats and dogs, and their popularity is on the rise, especially as house rabbits.

Easter Bunny. Credit: aschaeffer
Make Mine Chocolate… Photo credit: aschaeffer

This time of year sees a peak in purchases similar to Christmas as many people buy their children their own “Easter Bunny”. Hopefully most people will have researched their choice and make informed decisions, but impulse buys increase at this time of year and poor choices are made.

Easter amnesty

The “Make Mine Chocolate” campaign has been started to provide care information and to try and get people to think prior to the purchase. This year they are expanding their “amnesty” for pet shops. They are trying to encourage rabbit sellers to take an amnesty from selling rabbits around the Easter period. They believe if people are truly committed they will wait for the right bunny, and impulse buyers will have moved on.

Visit: www.makeminechocolate.org.uk

For those in practice they offer an information point for clients and the poster downloads would make any waiting room look good.

For clients looking for more information there is always the Rabbit Awareness Week website. This charity holds numerous events and encourages vets and rescues to sign up. Clients can access this information through the website and find reliable to rescues to rehome a happy bunny.

Despite the potential weight gain, lets see if we can “Make mine chocolate” this year!

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