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Having been out of general practice for a few months, many people have asked Nick Marsh the same thing: "Don’t you miss the patients?" Rather than an automatic "of course I do", this post is his measured response to what he considers a tricky question.

10 mins

Mark Tabachnik looks at why disease control matters, how to put it into practice and the repercussions of failing to implement it in the final of six reports.

7 mins

Long-haired tabby Max from Blackridge in West Lothian is "very fortunate to still be alive", said the SSPCA.

5 mins

Peter McParlin looks at common depressive links between humans and dogs, including signs, symptoms and behaviour.

14 mins

Specialists at the RVC have helped a critically endangered monkey to return to full health after it was referred from London Zoo.

4 mins

Graham Dodds combines his role as regional director for CVS with hosting a radio show and performing magic. We invited him into the Examination Room to tell us more about his job and how performing tricks has been useful for his career.

19 mins