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More than a third of the UK's horses (38%) have been recorded as suffering from health problems in figures from the eighth National Equine Health Survey (NEHS).

3 mins

Animal lovers are being urged to make a monthly donation of £20 to help the charity provide essential support and uphold its commitment to animal welfare.

2 mins

A group of intrepid motorbiking vets have raised funds to vaccinate hundreds of equines against African horse sickness (AHS) in a remote South African region.

3 mins

Sarah Freeman, Karen Rickards, Adelle Bowden, John Burford and Gary England look at the role of patient history and physical examination when horses present with this abdominal pain symptom in the first of a two-part article.

15 mins

Vets, horse owners and riding schools are encouraged to participate in a survey to shed more light on infectious disease control and improve horse health.

5 mins

Glen Cousquer describes how a locally produced humane tether and changes to working practices, are making progress to end the suffering of Moroccan donkeys and mules.

12 mins