Image courtesy The Veterinary Business Journal
Image courtesy The Veterinary Business Journal

I have been asking on my twitter account (@JaneRVN) about experiences of the nurses and “nursing arts”.

  • Do we utilise all our skills?
  • Are some nursing arts dying?
  • Does VN training reflect what goes on in practice?

The responses have been different, which is good, but the nursing arts I have specifically been asked about were:

  • Lab
  • Bandaging
  • Imaging

Are there other skills to be added? Do you manage something from this list weekly? Would you like to do more?

I teach student nurses and have seen a decline in common skills: blood smears, PCVs, urinalysis, bandaging, radiography – all seem to be carried out less than I recall as a student.

Please join me, either here (comment below) or on Twitter, to share experiences. As our roles are analysed under any new regulations a clear idea of what we do and what we could do would be beneficial.

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