Anorexia in rabbits is a medical emergency and should be treated aggressively.

Anorexia in rabbits is a medical emergency and should be treated aggressively.

Subcutaneous, intraperitoneal or intraosseous warm isotonic fluids given several times daily will improve hydration and help stabilise the rabbit. Fluids can be given using a 20 or 22 gauge needle into the medullary cavity of the femur.

Syringe feeding nutritious high fibre slurry will increase nutritional status, help prevent ileus and rehydrate stomach contents.

Commercial products such as Critical Care, or homemade diets – such as yoghurt mixed with pureed vegetables, ground feed and glucose solution or baby pablum with a small amount of psyllium fibre and probiotic powder – have also been used successfully.

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11 months 12 days ago

I heard that yoghurt is contraindicated as it can cause proliferation of Clostridium and yeast which can cause more problems?


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