Probiotics vs antibiotics
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I had the privilege of attending the North American Veterinary Community Conference in January. The experience provided me with a number of top tips, which I thought I would pass on to you in the coming few weeks.

For those of you who are skeptical of the role professional experience plays in establishing evidence, many authors accept that not all evidence is derived from academic sources, for example, Schon (1984) and Bolton (2000) to name just two. I have still included reference to the appropriate sessions to keep those of you happy.

Have you ever pondered when treating cases of diarrhoea with an infectious origin as to whether there is any point in using a probiotic at the same time as a course of antibiotics?  Well yes, you can.

I attended a joint session hosted by Mike Lappin and Stan Marks. Although it is not possible to say definitively for all probiotics and all antibiotics, Dr Lappin has conducted work to show the strains in Purina Fortiflora are unaffected by metronidazole at doses up to 20mg/kg. Good to have this confirmed, as this is a strategy I often use.

Lappin M and Marks S (2015). Quench the Stench: Strategies for Control of Diarrhea, North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando 2015.

Bolton G (2000). Reflective Practice: Writing and Professional Development, Paul Chapman Publishing, London.

Schon D (1984). The Reflective Practitioner: How Professionals Think in Practice, Basic Books.

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