In this podcast, brought to you in association with Zoetis – the manufacturer of Equip EHV1,4 – we ask Richard Newton the questions you have always wanted to know about equine herpes virus (EHV) disease, the syndromes and the role of vaccination.

1 mins

Zoetis has launched Versican® Plus Bb Oral, the UK’s first oral vaccination for dogs. Learn more about the product and CIRDC now!

13 mins

Learn about Simparica Trio’s unique combination of moxidectin, pyrantel and sarolaner in a five-minute overview of this exciting new product from Zoetis national veterinary manager, Gemma Hopkins.

This monthly in-practice injection has been very well received since its launch in 2017. But don’t just take our word for it – learn what Cytopoint has brought first opinion veterinary surgeons...

More modern treatments have been shown to be as effective as prednisolone. It’s time to rethink old habits in treating allergic itch.

Prompted by the recent flu outbreak, Zoetis ran two surveys earlier this year to assess horse owner awareness of equine herpesvirus – a common infectious respiratory disease – and to determine control strategies with vets.

29 mins

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