NexGard Spectra logoLungworm and ticks are an ever increasing threat to dogs in the UK. Angiostrongylus vasorum is spreading across the UK, with prevalence in foxes rising from 7% in 2005 to 18% in 20141,2. The risk of exposure to ticks has also increased, with a recent study showing that 1 in 3 dogs were found to host ticks3, while cases of the fatal tick-borne disease Babesiosis (vector Dermacentor reticulatus) are being diagnosed in un-travelled UK dogs4.

Check out the article below by parasitologist Ian Wright to learn more about these evolving parasite risks.

The good news is that there is now a product that makes it easier to help protect dogs against these key parasite risks. NexGard Spectra™ is now licensed for lungworm prevention, making it the ONLY product that prevents lungworm and kills ticks in one tasty chew. Plus it also kills fleas fast and treats GI roundworms. To learn more about NexGard Spectra™ and the benefits for you and your clients, click here.

1. Taylor et al (2015) Parasitology 142(9): 1,190-1,195; 2. Morgan et al (2008) Vet Para 154(1-2): 48-57; 3. Abdullah et al (2016) Parasites & Vectors 9(1): 391; 4. Swainsbury et al (2016) Vet Rec 178(13): 172.

Prescribing information
NexGard Spectra™ for dogs contains afoxolaner and milbemycin oxime. NexGard Spectra™ for dogs is indicated for the treatment of flea and tick infestations in dogs when the concurrent prevention of heartworm disease, angiostrongylosis (reduction in level of immature adults (L5) and adults of Angiostrongylus vasorum) and/or treatment of gastrointestinal roundworm infestations is indicated. For further information about side effects, precautions, warnings and contraindications refer to the product packaging or contact Merial Animal Health Ltd, CM19 5TG, UK. NexGard Spectra™ is a registered trademark of Merial Animal Health Ltd. ©Merial Ltd 2017. All rights reserved.

Nexgard Spectra

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