Merial logoThe threat from ticks and tick borne diseases is developing so, to help you keep up to date and continue to be able to provide best practice advice, Merial has launched an educational awareness campaign.

As part of this campaign Merial has commissioned a series of four articles, written by Ian Wright and Simon Tappin, to bring you the latest information on this topical subject. Articles will be posted every two weeks from week beginning 20 June through to week beginning 1 August. These will be supplemented with material such as exclusive video footage.

The articles will then be pulled together to produce a “Guide to Ticks and Tick Borne Diseases”, which you can either download when complete, or pre-order a copy to be sent directly to you.

Finally, Merial also sponsored a recent webinar entitled "Tick Borne Disease in the United Kingdom", presented by Simon Tappin. The webinar was very well attended and extremely well received with lots of questions and positive feedback.  If you did not manage to log in on the day, the webinar is now available to view, simply click here to watch now.

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