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“We need more guidance on how to harness the positivity of social media and keep within safe professional and personal boundaries.” Image ©

The industry is awash with advice on using social media. In fact, it’s now so common for practices to have an online presence the RCVS has published guidance on the use of social media and online networking forums.

These guidelines provide a gentle introduction to staying safe online, both personally and professionally, and encourage being conservative with information (as do many online advice guides).

So how should you police your staff online – especially those you have empowered to be in charge of social media and online content? We need more guidance on how to harness the positivity of social media and keep within safe professional and personal boundaries.

A good starting point is the Veterinary Social Media Survival Guide from VMD Technology. While the author is US-based, her theories are perfectly applicable here in the UK. She can also be found on Twitter using the handle @danielleSNOUT.

It’s also worth following On the Floor @Dove – Dove is a large US veterinary hospital that operates several social media channels, including its own YouTube channel. Dove educates owners and vet staff alike, and I have used their videos with my own students.

Finally it’s also worth checking guidance from VBD’s very own business publication, The Veterinary Business Journal – more specifically the article “Social media use and abuse – don’t be a tweeting twit” by Lee-Anne Crossman and Katie Mickleburgh.

Personally, I always adhere to basic rules:

  • If I wouldn’t say it out loud, I won’t type it
  • A picture says a thousand words
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