Stacey Bullock RVN.

VN team manager at Northumberland College

T: 07702 064124


Stacey started her career with an animal care course in 2000. However, she soon saw a local advert for a student VN position and got the job.

She registered as an RVN in 2004 and by 2006 was a head nurse. After dabbling in practice management, Stacey secured TP status in 2010, after which she gained her assessor qualification, completed examiner training and her diploma in teaching. In 2012, she saw a chance to teach full-time, which she “leapt at”. She now works at Northumberland College, her third teaching institution.

Why is she standing?

Stacey says her main reason for standing for council is its opportunities for VN training.

“I missed out on the green book days, but I took pride in the building of my portfolio, flourishing from year one to year two of the NVQ,” she said. “I witness many students with nursing potential simply strike or burn out from the demands of the diploma as it stands. Worse still, I have strong candidates slip through my hands embarking on animal management courses as they have no experience to secure a TP placement.

“I believe there is a course design to cater for all gifted individuals destined to be RVNs, one that will fill the deficit in qualified workers that I believe should be a necessity in every practice, big or small.”

Stacey wants to “address the bigger picture”, with training centres and TPs working together to make data such as work experience opportunities and predicted number of placements available.

“I want to see a standardised approach for delivering core syllabus in all TPs and centres with better support and guidance available to all involved in training,” she said.

Hustings highlights

Stacey says she stands for “education and unison”, and thinks a lack of VN engagement with the RCVS could be helped with the use of regional coordinators, similar to that of the BVNA. She also believes a review of Schedule 3 could “put away the grey areas and get rid of the fear factor for all involved”.

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