Make your savings difficult to get at...
Make your savings difficult to get at… Image ©

We know we aren’t that well paid compared to vets, but can we do things to improve our lot?


  1. Budget – and stick to it (do you need that latte every day?)
  2. Save – even a little can help (also, make it difficult to get at – think ISAs or Premium Bonds)
  3. Pensions – know about the new workplace pensions and contribute.
  4. CPD and improve your employability – Clinical Coach and beyond…
  5. Keep your RVN status up date – there aren’t enough of us. Demand/supply!

I’ll list some handy links below…

Please bear in mind we aren’t the worst paid profession, nor do we have the worst working conditions. After 10 years in retail management before coming into vet nursing, I can contest that retail pretty much beats us!

  • Lower salaries
  • Longer working hours – nights and weekends standard
  • Rude customers
  • No patients to cheer us up

What I learnt in retail was:

  1. Never put anything on a carpeted changing room floor – people use them as toilets.
  2. Health and safety is a low priority – I wasn’t allowed to wear exam gloves to handle customer returns, even when there were brown stains and curly hairs in the items.
  3. If you don’t nail it down it will get stolen – and that comes out of your store bonus and therefore your pocket.

Now, those handy links:

  • Workplace Pensions (GOV.CO.UK) – information from the government services website on workplace pensions, detailing what they are, how they work, “auto-enrolment” and more.
  • The Money Advice Service – the UK statutory body for improving people’s understanding and knowledge of financial matters, The Money Advice Service is an independent service, set up by government to offer free and impartial advice service helping people manage their money.
  • – General money saving advice and support from high-profile personal finance commentator and campaigner Martin Lewis. The site focuses on cutting bills without cutting back.

I also feel another blog coming on about increasing your income – alternative money earners for VNs!!!

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