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Students from the Renaissance Academy of Pet World in Japan enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue hospital in Guildford.

2 mins

Surgeons have successfully performed a keyhole surgery – believed to be a world first for feline medicine – on a kitten with a rare heart condition.

7 mins

Vets interested in standing for the association’s junior vice-president position have until 15 January to put their names forward, with successful applicant taking the top job in 2019-20.

5 mins

In total, the UK has now seen 112 confirmed cases across 31 counties since Alabama rot was first detected in 2012. So far in 2017, there have been 29 cases.

3 mins

The BEVA Trust was presented with The British Horse Society Welfare Award “for excellent service in the cause of equine welfare” from president Martin Clunes.

4 mins

Postmortem confirms animal from Northwich is latest victim of mystery disease, taking UK toll to 110 confirmed cases since 2012.

4 mins

Final-year RVC students bare all for array of charity snaps, ranging from studying in classrooms and clinics, to horse riding.

5 mins

Despite Northants vet admitting charges, RCVS disciplinary committee reaches “unusual conclusion” he was “not guilty of disgraceful conduct in a professional respect”.

10 mins

The Veterinary Defence Society hopes its significant event reporting system, Vetsafe, which is due to launch next year, will encourage managers to overhaul practice cultures.

6 mins


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Practice profile: Swayne and Partners

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Questioning owners about their pets' symptoms and well-being is a daily task for vets, but how often do you apply this same process to your own health? Jordan Sinclair looks at the importance of doing both...

In a new series, Gerardo Poli explores the common causes of hyperkalaemia and how to manage this using fluid therapy and medications.

Envious of his GP's digital patient call display, Nick Marsh looks to address a problem that has been a stumbling block of vets since time immemorial: how, exactly, do you call your client in?

In the final part of his series on blood gas analysis, Gerardo Poli explains how to determine both oxygenation ability and adequacy of ventilation in patients with respiratory compromise.

Jane RVN looks at the ways veterinary practices can improve levels of customer service and resolve many of the potential conflict areas that can lead to confrontation.

Takeaway food may be a quick sustenance solution during busy days in practice or while out on call, but new grad Jordan Sinclair suggests a good work-food balance would be better in the long run.

Tip of the Week author Gerardo Poli explains how to determine whether a true compensatory response is present and how to rule out the presence of a secondary disorder.

It seems an operation tailor-made for job satisfaction, but for Nick Marsh it has led to a contempt for “torture breeding” that has grown since his first job in general practice...

veterinary content

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Danielle Marturello and Karen Perry address the limited information about the epidemiology of this condition and the lack of attention to monitoring.

42 mins

His first day as a veterinary surgeon may have been under his belt, but David Beeston still has the rest of the working week to go yet.

29 mins

Stefania Scarabelli looks at the regulations for analgesic and anaesthetic drug use in food-producing animals in the UK.

24 mins

Rory Thomson uses a case study to discuss why the sources and susceptibility of bacteria in this species require further research.

18 mins

Peter Edmondson, in the third of a six-part series, reports on an Australian Veterinary Association conference session on mental health.

12 mins

Chanticleer sings from the rooftops in his final Veterinary Times column of the year.

17 mins

Liza Köster, Hayley McDonald, Anne French and Paul Wotton discuss techniques for monitoring cardiac disease, as well as medical management and the potential of valve surgery.

45 mins

Rachel Agass and Barny Fraser describe conditions affecting joints in horses, while also considering various diagnostic and treatment methods.

45 mins

nursing content

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VN Times editor Rebecca Hubbard talks to the director of Vetsnet, a website that aims to help profession members struggling with mental health.

19 mins

RVN Laura Lacey talks vet nurses through potential dangers pets can encounter during the Christmas period, and what to advise owners regarding prevention strategies.

47 mins

RCVS Knowledge writers, in their fourth article, help veterinary nurses put their hard-earned evidence-based veterinary medicine learnings into practice.

11 mins

BVNA council member and regional coordinator Gemma Reeve uses a career milestone to rally the veterinary nurse troops.

9 mins

As the veterinary profession reacts to the results from the RCVS Schedule 3 consultation, RVN and BVNA junior vice-president Stacey Bullock takes a closer look at one of its key building blocks.

19 mins

RVN Emma Gerrard spotlights a common practice case and how VNs can help manage the condition.

26 mins

Starting a series of articles discussing electrocardiography, Louise O'Dwyer begins with the basics – how to understand an ECG.

9 mins

RVN Kayleigh Walsh advises on clinical signs, treatment and care requirements for urethral blockages in entire male feline patients.

16 mins

business content

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We all know social media is a necessary evil of modern veterinary practice. However, as Julia Bramble spotlights, it can be used as a powerful, bottom line-boosting tool…

32 mins

VBJ heads to Bury St Edmunds and speaks to senior partner Duncan Hole about the practice's decision to stop all large animal and equine work and become exclusively small animal.

5 mins

Peter Edmondson, in the second of a six-part article series, summarises an Australian Veterinary Association Annual Conference session on how to increase practice profit.

12 mins

Of all the debates hosted by VBJ for the Big 6 project, one of the most insightful surrounded the career landscape faced by veterinary professionals in 2017. These discussions ultimately boiled down to one question: whether professionally and financially rewarding careers can still be sustained in private practice.

4 mins

When it comes to complementary therapy, many options are available to get to the final destination. Here, Stephen Barabas identifies the correct multimodal therapies for your practice.

32 mins

Recruiting new members to join your team is one of the most crucial processes in any veterinary practice. Here, in the first of a three-part series, Ed Newbould explains the process he undertakes when choosing new staff.

22 mins

On 1 October 2017, HMRC introduced a new pre-action protocol for debt claims. Corporate lawyers Paul Taylor and Sarah Carlton explain the changes and how they are likely to affect practices chasing bad debts.

18 mins

A decision by the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights has brought the question of employee monitoring to the forefront of employers’ minds once again. Mark Stevens examines the implications for UK businesses and their staff.

9 mins

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