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Veterinary specialists from the group will cover a broad range of topics, such as small animal anaesthesia, cardiology, emergency and critical care, and internal medicine.

5 mins

”Hot spots” for French heartworm infection have been identified, with further work revealing the mere local presence of red foxes in these areas increases infection risk.

6 mins

The RCVS has defended its decision to publish a mindfulness activity book for BVNA Congress after it was later criticised by some delegates.

7 mins

CVO Sheila Voas has confirmed the situation is “under control” following Scotland’s first case of BSE bovine spongiform encephalopathy in nine years.

6 mins

Novel study finds Velagliflozin shows promise as a “safe and effective compound for treating insulin dysregulation and preventing laminitis”.

6 mins

Scientists discover it may be possible to use the beneficial bacteria found in a badger's gut to combat bovine tuberculosis.

6 mins

Aberdeenshire farm in "lockdown" as "mad cow disease" discovered and authorities attempt to identify the source of the infection.

4 mins

No-deal impact on horse movement could see demand for vets and laboratory services skyrocketing, says the BVA.

6 mins

Online scheme offers vets who don’t have the time to participate in an attendance programme the opportunity to study for a recognised postgraduate qualification.

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Practice Profile: Cromwell Animal Rehabilitation Centre

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Jane Davidson reports back on an RCVS pilot for its new leadership and management course, and discovered if it supported her belief all that VNs are leaders.

As CPD is mandatory for all vets, some new grads might find the concept overwhelming, especially when deciding which courses to complete. Thankfully, Jordan Sinclair has a few hints for those struggling to find their way.

Gerardo Poli concludes this series with a rundown of management options and effective ongoing treatment measures for seizures.

Whether its Morris dancing or slaying dragons, Nick Marsh highlights the importance of finding a hobby in your precious downtime instead of being slumped in front of the TV.

Emma Goodman Milne – well known for her appearances on BBC1’s Vets in Practice – is the BVNA Congress keynote speaker. She talks to Congress Times about how the profession has changed since the programme, the role of VNs in practice, the importance of work-life balance, and her series of children’s books.

22 mins

Jane Davidson provides a helpful guide on how you can gather information via social media, while making sure the details gained are relevant and used transparently.

“Sharing Christ’s love through veterinary medicine” is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the work of the Veterinary Christian Fellowship, as student and new graduate liaison Hannah McClintick explains.

10 mins

Kathryn Cowley's OA management series advances with advice on effective methods of monitoring via measurement tools and how to communicate this guidance with owners.

16 mins

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Sophie Mahendran considers factors in maintaining fresh cow health, such as a low stress, comfort, feed access and monitoring. Includes video content.

20 mins

Ross Allan considers approaches to treating these injuries – including debridement and bandaging – in part two of his article.

34 mins

Jamie Prutton provides some pointers on how to guide owners about nutritional advice for horses deemed overweight or obese.

42 mins

Anyone who thought of the surgical checklist as a bureaucratic tick-box exercise should think again, urges John Williams. Here, he outlines the case for them and why every practice should have a checklist champion.

19 mins

Alex Gough takes another look over the latest veterinary studies in his latest Research Review.

23 mins

Richard Jones recounts the story of how a male gyrfalcon that flew away before surgery was able to be found safe six days later.

12 mins

Andy Forbes discusses some aspects of helminth infections in these cattle, and explains how adequate levels of control can be achieved with relatively little anthelmintic inputs.

28 mins

Jamie Robertson discusses methods of monitoring this essential nutrient at farm level – and interpreting sample results – and offers guidance on how to sort issues.

25 mins

nursing content

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Jen Oliver discusses the intricacies of hyperthyroid cases and the VN role within them – from assisting early detection to client education.

15 mins

Marge Chandler breaks down the never-ending myriad of pet dietary offerings to aid veterinary nurses in helping their clients make nutritional choices.

50 mins

Canine hydrotherapy has been a treatment option for more than two decades, yet the canine hydrotherapist's role remains unregulated. Angela Griffiths, owner and chief executive of Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation Referrals in Surrey, explains why she is leading a revolution for regulation.

17 mins

Emma Goodman Milne – well known for her appearances on BBC1’s Vets in Practice – is the BVNA Congress keynote speaker. She talks to Congress Times about how the profession has changed since the programme, the role of VNs in practice, the importance of work-life balance, and her series of children’s books.

22 mins

In the next of our series, we hear from an RVN's experience helping rhinos in South Africa – with one case in particular that has stayed close to her heart.

16 mins

The components used in orthopaedics – including plates, screws, pins, wires, washers, bolts and clamps – are similar to those found in Meccano kits. Alison Young explores those similarities by discussing the implants used in small animal patients.

32 mins

Amy Newfield details the latest studies and the importance of best practice in this ever-evolving field of veterinary medicine, by defining the facts among the fiction.

42 mins

Rosie Bescoby offers some words of wisdom to RVNs in maximising owner compliance when it comes to ensuring their pets are kept as calm as possible during this season.

30 mins

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It is often said the best things come in small packages. For a branch of Cromwell Vets, that package proved to be a 9m by 4m prefabricated box. It’s not a lot, but, as VBJ discovered, it's already having a big impact ...

28 mins

Medivet senior partners Adi Nell and Erwin Höhn, in the first of two articles, look at the manpower problem as a precursor to delivering a framework for analysis and a strategic plan for all stakeholders in part two ...

36 mins

James Westgate, VBJ editor, visits two practices using complementary therapies as a viable alternative revenue stream ...

21 mins

“There are times when we are not in control of our minds. Why? Because part of our brain has its own agenda – we are the source and the solution to our own problems” – Leonie Lightfoot.

28 mins

Liz Barton discusses the issues and challenges surrounding returning to work in the fourth instalment of her groundbreaking VBJ series.

19 mins

Employment law can be a minefield – especially for vets without formal qualifications in the area. Anne Harvey explains how to avoid the pitfalls.

21 mins

Nuala Summerfield explains that rather than being a cause for concern, technology provides real opportunities for anyone prepared to embrace it.

34 mins

While running a practice is one part of the commercial equation, getting paid is the other, as Adam Bernstein explains.

24 mins

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