The third Young Vets meeting saw 52 European vet students discuss the EU’s One Health initiative and the role of “vets in your daily life” – a key topic for the 2011 World Veterinary Year.

The third “Young Vets meeting” saw 52 veterinary students from across Europe discuss the EU’s One Health initiative and the role of “vets in your daily life” – a key topic for the coming 2011 World Veterinary Year.

Young vets discuss the EU's One Health initiative and the role of vets in daily life. Image © European Union, 2010.2011 marks the 250th anniversary of the beginning of veterinary education and, thus, of the veterinary profession, and a number of the European Commission‘s communication initiatives throughout 2011 will be in support of the World Veterinary Year.

Participants at the meeting, organised by the Directorate General for Health & Consumer Affairs (DG SANCO) on November 15-16 in Brussels, stressed that vets play an important role in society, directly affecting the daily life of every citizen, and that this is a role that continues to evolve and is now more diversified than ever.

The participants, as delegates from their universities, were keen to learn about the EU, its legislation and how to help promote DG SANCO’s campaigns back in their respective countries.

Alberto Laddomada. Image © European Union, 2010.One of the major topics was the profession’s new perception and the need to share a common vision. They enthusiastically discussed DG SANCO’s animal health campaign, fuelling the debate with fresh and practical ideas.

Alberto Laddomada, head of DG SANCO’s animal health unit: “These students are valuable partners for the commission in spreading the ‘One Health’ initiatives. Their energy and their pride in the veterinary profession [is] contagious, like a positive virus. They are keen to spread the ‘One Health’ ideas to both colleagues and the European citizens.”

Small group workshops dedicated to exploring innovative ways to communicate with the general public topped the meeting.

Images © European Union, 2010
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