Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) is expanding its activities in Thailand and plans to launch a centre to help train local vets.

It has been working with Thai charity Care for Dogs Foundation for almost nine years and from May 1 Care for Dogs will be incorporated formally into the WVS family.

Care for Dogs has made a significant impact on dog welfare and the population of stray dogs in the Chiang Mai area. It has neutered more than 4,600 dogs and cats, treated more than 2,500 dogs and rehomed in excess of 1,800.

This work will continue under WVS, but will be enhanced in three major areas:

  • The shelter will be upgraded over time and while still rescuing and rehoming dogs, it will also become a training centre for all areas of shelter management from dog welfare to fundraising and marketing. There will be a component on how to run effective sterilisation and vaccination campaigns, and an opportunity to link in with WVS teams who will support these new campaigns.
  • A new WVS veterinary training centre will be launched later in the year and will be located next to the dog shelter. Similar to the WVS training centre in India, Thai vets will be able to sign up for free courses teaching best practice surgical skills for neutering of dogs and cats, and specialist courses teaching vital veterinary skills in areas from small animal anaesthesia to orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging.
  • The dog shelter and training centre will work together to run an effective sterilisation and vaccination campaign in Chiang Mai province. This will not only reduce the number of stray dogs and cats on the streets, but also reduce the risk of zoonotic diseases, such as rabies.

WVS chief executive and vet Luke Gamble said he had volunteered for Care for Dogs in the past and the charity made a huge impression on him.

“Dovetailing our resources and ethics to support Care for Dogs moving forwards is an honour and our number one objective is to continue the amazing work of the charity and drive forward its goals and ambitions,” he said.

“Developing an international shelter and veterinary training centre to work with the shelter, showcasing best practice and driving forward the brilliant rabies vaccination and adoption programmes set up by the charity will be clear goals, but, ultimately, it is all about making Care for Dogs the very best it can be and continuing to make a fundamental difference to the animals in Chiang Mai.”

For further details on WVS, Care For Dogs or the plans in Thailand, telephone 01725 557225, email or visit or

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