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The BVA is looking for nominations for the 2017-18 junior vice-president (JVP) post, as well as three members of its newly formed electoral college.

For the JVP role, the association is looking for a veterinary surgeon in clinical practice – or very recently in clinical practice – covering small animal, non-traditional companion animal, equine or mixed practice, and/or a vet who has a background in animal welfare science, ethics and law.

A wide-ranging role, the position of JVP requires a three-year commitment of two to four days per week and includes one year as JVP, one year as BVA president and one year as senior vice-president (SVP).

The successful candidate will join BVA’s officer team at the association’s AGM in September 2017.

College call

The JVP will be selected by the newly formed electoral college, created following a governance review by the BVA as part of a new process for selecting officers that better reflects good governance, ensures transparency and offers a way for BVA members to engage.

The electoral college will meet once a year to select a first choice candidate for JVP by identifying the specific skills, expertise and experience that would best complement the other members of BVA’s officer team to ensure it covers as broad a range of veterinary expertise as possible.

It will be made up of:

  • an independent non-voting chairman, appointed by the BVA board
  • BVA’s officer team
  • a past-president serving on BVA council
  • three elected vets representing the wider membership
  • the BVA board chairman, as an observer

Vets required

Prior to its first meeting on 20 December 2016, the BVA is looking for three members to join the electoral college. All veterinary surgeon BVA members can apply, except past-presidents and serving division and RCVS officers.

Members will be elected to serve for three years and will be eligible to stand for a second term. The closing date to apply for one of the first three elected seats is midnight on Monday 7 November 2016.

From late November, BVA will also be advertising seven regional rep vacancies, to represent members in the east midlands, London, north-east England, Northern Ireland, Yorkshire, Wales and west midlands at BVA council.

  • For more information about the JVP role or the vacancies available in the BVA’s electoral college, visit
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