Four newborn ring-tailed lemurs have arrived at the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) Whipsnade Zoo.

The four babies were born to mums Daphne, Hannelies, Pien and Naomi between April 6 and 12.

The babies share their home – the zoo’s walk-through exhibit “In with the lemurs” – with their mothers, siblings and father to all four, Quaker.

The babies are unnamed as their sex has yet to be determined by keepers. Native only to Madagascar, ring-tailed lemurs are at risk in the wild from illegal hunting and the effects of widespread habitat loss.

Senior keeper Jane Storr said: “The newborns are doing really well. They are just at the point where they are starting to show signs of curiosity about the world, climbing around on to their mothers’ backs and shoulders to get a better look around.

“Daphne, Hannalies, Pien and Naomi, which are experienced mums, are all brilliant with the babies, and Quaker, the male lemur that fathered all four babies, is also jumping around alongside them, looking like a proud dad.”

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s young ring-tailed lemurs are welcome additions to the European Endangered Species Programme.

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