The Westpoint Group has expanded its offering with the acquisition of three new businesses.

Acquisitions will add new expertise and capacity to Westpoint.

Myerscough Farm Vets based in Lancashire; Poultry Health Services, with sites in Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk Farm Vets near Kings Lynn, have been added to the expanding group.

Poultry Health Services (PHS) offers veterinary care for commercial poultry keepers. Paul McMullin is managing director of PHS and the only UK RCVS recognised specialist in poultry medicine and production working day-to-day with commercial clients throughout Britain.

He said: “The highly active clinical governance and knowledge transfer structure in the Westpoint Group drives quality and science throughout the business. This will ensure my clients benefit from a progressive, cutting-edge approach to the advancement of poultry medicine and service.”

Westpoint’s poultry lead Keith Warner was delighted by the news and assured clients, colleagues and suppliers the deal means more than business as usual. “By learning from our new partners and expanding on their expertise, this business partnership will allow us to develop capabilities, providing an enhanced service for each of our customers,” said Keith.

“The access to greater resource and the wider expertise from the growing Westpoint group, including Biobest laboratories, will ensure the UK’s poultry keepers will greatly benefit from this development.”

Westpoint also hopes the purchase of Myerscough Farm Vets and Norfolk Farm Vets will strengthen its own ruminant-focused practice network. Both practices will continue to be led by their senior vets, including Chris Myerscough and Molly McKay, but will be supported by the Westpoint Farm Vets team, to offer a wider range of services to their clients.

“With these practices joining the group we can offer our science-based, customer-focused veterinary service to a wider number of farms, while developing all the people in our vet, laboratory, research and support teams to fulfil their potential, all of which will benefit the animals under our care,” said Matt Dobbs, managing director of Westpoint.

“I was very impressed with the conscientious and considered approach of all the practices in the group and am very pleased to be able to bring the ‘research into practice’ approach to our clients that the group upholds,” added Chris Myerscough.

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