Royal Canin is hosting a free webinar on a new approach to dealing with canine and feline obesity.

The hour-long webinar, which starts at 8.30pm on Wednesday, May 7, will feature Alex German, from the University of Liverpool’s weight management clinic, and Royal Canin’s veterinary support manager, Lee Danks.

Dr German will introduce a nine-point body condition score (BCS) developed in conjunction with Royal Canin, which is modelled on more than 3,000 photos of dogs and cats with weight management issues. 

These images are brought together in a new software program that allows greater accuracy in recognising and then diagnosing obesity, a step-up from the widely used five-point BCS scales, which do not take breed-specific patterns of fat deposition into account.

Mr Danks will then outline a new online weight management tool that allows owners to track and input their pets’ weight at home once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been agreed. Information is relayed to and from the practice, leading to greater engagement and improved client compliance.

Mr Danks said: “We want to challenge the veterinary community to really think beyond the numbers they see on a weighing scale, to recognise the difference between muscle mass and adipose tissue.

“Only when we start using body condition scoring (for every pet) can we truly tailor our approach to each case.”

Visit to register for the free webinar. CPD certificates will be made available online to those who attend the event.

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