Two webinars will be held to give vets and veterinary nurses a better understanding of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders.

Both are organised by Royal Canin and will be presented by Alex German, reader in small animal medicine at the University of Liverpool and lead at the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic.

The first webinar, “Managing acute gastroenteritis in cats and dogs”, will be held on Tuesday, August 25 at 8.30pm.

It will provide an overview of the causes of acute gastroenteritis, guidance on the decision-making process and the main treatment options available.

Dr German will also give advice on when antibiotics should and should not be used in patients with acute gastroenteritis.

The second webinar, “Dietary management of cats and dogs with gastrointestinal disorders”, will be held on Tuesday, September 1 at 8.30pm.

Selecting the correct diet is essential for the dietary management of cats and dogs with gastrointestinal disorders; however, no single diet is likely to be effective for every patient.

This webinar aims to help veterinary staff better understand the types of diet available and their key ingredients, in addition to the impact of nutrition for all the major GI disorders faced in practice.

CPD certificates will be made available online to those who attend the live sessions. Registration is free at

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