Looking to move from chemical processing to an affordable CR digital system? BCF Technology has announced the launch of the new Vita CR X-ray system from Carestream (formerly known as Kodak).

BCF Technology is delighted to announce the launch of the new Vita CR X-ray system from Carestream (formerly known as Kodak).

According to the company, the system provides high quality X-ray images, seamless integration into your existing workflow, improved efficiency and productivity – all at an affordable price.

Vita CR X-ray system offers The Vita is ideal for practices looking for an affordable move from chemical to digital radiographic processing and offers:

  • Excellent image quality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Compact, robust and reliable build;
  • 2 year warranty.

Kimberly Palgrave, the new in-house vet at BCF said: “With the Vita X-ray system you can forget about the cost of purchasing and storing film and chemicals as well as health and safety issues associated with the handling and disposal of processor chemicals.

“Using the latest technology that the Vita offers you will reduce not only the number of repeated X-rays taken due to poor radiographic technique or processing faults, but also time spent performing routine equipment maintenance. This results in improved efficiency of your staff, saving you time and money.”

She also claimed that faster image production may also enable a shorter duration of anaesthetic/ sedation to be used, improving patient care.

Gavin Mitchell from BCF added: “When you are looking to move from chemical processing to an affordable introduction to a CR digital system – the Vita is ideal.

“It has been designed for military applications, so you know it is tough and reliable – ideal for a veterinary practice. You can be assured of the customer support and back-up offered by BCF as well as a two year warranty and we are the only approved Carestream supplier in the UK and Ireland.”

For further information, or to see the video’s of the Vita in action, visit www.bcftechnology.com. Alternatively, call 01506 460023.

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