The NFU has released a new video showing the graphic reality of dealing with bovine TB (bTB) on farm.

Gloucestershire beef farmer David Barton invited the NFU on to his farm to film four of his cattle, including his beloved bull Ernie, being shot and removed after they had tested positive for bTB.

NFU president Meurig Raymond said: “This is a shocking film, but we make no apologies for that. This is the distressing reality farmers like David are having to face as bTB continues to devastate farming families across large parts of the country.

“Many farmers in areas where TB is endemic in the wildlife population are rapidly losing all hope for the future because they are powerless to stop the spread of this disease, no matter what they do.

“Our message is clear – this cannot go on. Wildlife controls are an integral part of the Government’s 25-year TB eradication strategy and the NFU remains committed to doing everything it can to find a way forward for the current policy.”

The video can be viewed on TB Free England here.

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