Small animal vets are being encouraged to highlight the importance of good rabbit health care by taking part in Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) in May.

Following the success of last year’s campaign, RAW – which is backed by a range of organisations including Burgess Excel, RSPCA, PDSA, Blue Cross, MSD Animal Health, Bayer Animal Health, Practice Plan for Vets, the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund and Wood Green – returns for its ninth year in 2014, hoping to inspire the public to look after their lagomorphs.

According to campaigners, this year’s RAW is looking to “simplify the steps” owners can take to improve their rabbits’ welfare, by asking owners to change one thing as a starting point to improving all five of their pets’ health and welfare needs.

Organisers are urging vets, as well as retailers and rescue centres, to offer a helping hand by hosting rabbit health care clinics and other events.

Marketing manager at Burgess Pet Care Richard Rockett said the sole aim of RAW is to “educate owners about responsible rabbit ownership” as well as improving the well-being of Britain’s 1.7 million pet rabbits.

“We aim to simplify the way rabbit owners approach the five welfare needs this year, leaving the decision of which ‘one small hop‘ to make first in the hands of the owner,” he said.

He also said RAW would be supporting rabbit health checks throughout May.

“This offers the opportunity to ensure all rabbits have access to a free health check, while providing vets opportunities to speak with potential new clients about their practice and retailers and rescue centres a longer period to host promotional and educational events,” he said.

To sign up to the initiative and order your free support kit, visit RAW’s website.

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