Agria Pet Insurance is calling on vets to advise clients what steps they can take to ensure pet safety on bonfire night.

The 125-year-old pet insurer revealed 35% more dogs and 25% more cats are reported missing on this night than any other of the year.

Agria hopes by raising awareness of these statistics, pet owners can take steps to ensure their pets remain safe at home and minimise the number of accidents.

Wendy Roberts, claims manager at Agria Pet Insurance, said: “Every year we see the serious consequences the fear of fireworks has on pets.

“We hope by making owners more aware and by giving helpful, practical advice, we can help make the season less traumatic for pets.”

Data collected over the past five years by Pet24 – a pet visual identification service and partner of Agria’s – also revealed weeks either side of the annual event sees a rise of almost a third in reports of missing pets.

The service also identified August and November are the two busiest months for Pet24 due to pets being taken on holiday and fear of fireworks.

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