Lishou x-ray
The 27cm antenna barely missed the heart base, aorta and pulmonary vein.
Lishou, just after her operation to remove the antenna of a Fiat 500.

A veterinary team could not believe their eyes when they removed a 27cm car antenna from a cat.

The owner initially thought the eight-month-old feline had swallowed polystyrene and rushed it to Priory Emergency Treatment Service in Brighton.

However, x-rays confirmed a 27cm linear foreign body that had barely missed the heart base, aorta and pulmonary vein. It had perforated the diaphragm and liver, missed the stomach and stopped just cranial of the kidney.

Down the middle

A dorsoventral view revealed the stick had perforated the cat, called Lishou, straight down the midline. Surgery was decided to be the best option and the object was successfully removed.

The antenna was from a Fiat 500 car that had been sitting in Lishou’s owner’s garage for 10 years and was a favourite object for the cats to play with.

Vet Kimm Bakker, who performed the surgery, said: “Against all odds, Lishou recovered well from general anaesthesia and, after a few days of hyperthermia, recovered enough to go home.

“It was a remarkable case with a Hollywood outcome. Perhaps this is why I became a vet.”

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