Vétoquinol has announced a number of “exciting changes” to Zentonil, its liver support range for dogs and cats.

According to the company, new Zentonil is the UK’s first palatable and divisible tablet range of S-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe) supplementation and now comes with the added benefit of choice; Zentonil Advanced which contains pure SAMe plus silybin and Zentonil Plus which contains pure SAMe only.

A patent pending microencapsulation technique protects the SAMe from the harmful effects of stomach acid, even when the tablet is split or chewed. The ability to split the tablets makes administration more accurate and also makes the product more cost-effective for clients.

Vétoquinol claims that its new Zentonil formulations have proven SAMe bioavailability curves in a market where this particular type of data is often lacking.

Product manager Simon Boulton said: “Our customers told us that they had difficulties associated with SAMe supplementation. We have listened to their comments and provided the solutions.”

The new formulations will become available as wholesalers’ Zentonil stocks are depleted. If you wish to try new Zentonil now, you can place an order for Zentonil Advanced or Zentonil Plus with your wholesaler.

For more information, contact your local Vétoquinol sales representative or telephone the free practice support number – 0800 1698197.

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