A ferret in need of rescuing from a rail station storeroom caught a lucky break when vet Negar Hamzianpour happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Paddington and Mel
Goddard Veterinary Group vet Mel Saalfeld with the rescued ferret, now named Paddington.

Miss Hamzianpour was waiting on the platform at Caterham station when she overheard a guard asking passengers if they knew of a vet who could rescue a runaway ferret found hiding in a storeroom on March 15.

As her train was due, Miss Hamzianpour called colleagues vet Mel Saalfeld and head veterinary nurse Fiona Minter to come and catch the ferret, take it to the practice and give it a check-up.

Unusual call-out

Now named Paddington, the ferret is being cared for by Miss Minter and her colleagues at Goddard Veterinary Group in Caterham, Surrey. It is suspected Paddington is an escaped pet, though he is not microchipped.

Miss Minter said: “It was an unusual call-out for us and catching him was tricky, but we are delighted to have him and hope we will be able to reunite him with his owner or, failing that, find him a loving new home.

“He’s friendly and in good health, but we suspect he has probably been living rough for a while. He certainly seems very happy to be comfortable and warm with us, and we are taking good care of him while we see if an owner comes forward.”

Anyone with information about Paddington can telephone the practice on 01883 345277.

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