Veterinary Medicines Directorate sets out business plan for next two years in line with Government attempts to tackle the deficit and support economic growth.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) has published its business plan for the next two years.

The VMD has set out its agenda in line with supporting the Government's aim to reduce the UK's deficit and support economic growth.According to the directorate, its key aims are:

  • achieving full cost recovery for its budget of £14.9m
  • gaining certification to quality management mark ISO 9001:2008 by continuing to look for opportunities for continuous improvement
  • influencing the development of revised legislation for veterinary medicines, medicated feeds and residues surveillance
  • continuing to play a leading role in the EU in the area of antibiotic resistance (AMR), through chairing the Heads of Medicines Agencies veterinary AMR task force as well as taking steps to improve surveillance in the UK and EU

The directorate added it would help its department, Defra, “drive down costs and improve value for money” as the Government tackles the country’s deficit and attempts to support economic growth.

The directorate also takes a forward look to 2018/19 in the plan. One area of concern, it said, would be the increasing demand for food supply as the world’s population grows.

“The VMD will be actively involved in the discussion required to promote the use of veterinary medicines in preventing disease to maximise productivity, while at the same time ensuring effective treatments remain available for animals,” it said.

Other aims include responding more quickly to demands for emergency vaccines and preparing for the implementation of changes agreed in the EU legislation reviews of the veterinary medicines, medicated feed and residues directives.

For the full business plan, visit the VMD’s website.

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