The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) opened its doors on Sunday October 12 to an influx of pugs who were ready to party.

Between making friends and sampling tea party treats, the pugs also contributed to important research being carried out by the RVC’s ophthalmology department.

“Pigmentary keratitis is a potentially blinding condition that appears to be very prevalent in pugs”, said Rick Sanchez, head of the ophthalmology service at the RVC.

“It is unclear what causes pigmentary keratitis. We hope to shed more light on this condition by carrying out a nationwide field study on a large population of pugs.”

During the event 24 pugs were given an ophthalmic examination by the RVC ophthalmology team. The results of these exams were recorded and will be reviewed and statistically analysed, hopefully revealing previously unknown facts about the disease.

The project is being funded by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and has additional support from several pug breed clubs, including the Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association, the Pug Dog Club, the West Pennine Pug Dog Club and the Wales and West of England Pug Dog Club.

If you are interested in having a free eye examination for your pug at a future event, please email event organiser Serena Maini at

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