The Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) has produced a leaflet that guides pet owners through the euthanasia decision-making process.

The leaflet “Saying goodbye – the ultimate kindness” sympathetically explains why euthanasia may be the most caring option, the choices owners have, the different ways euthanasia may be performed and what happens next.
It also addresses the emotions owners may go through when deciding to put their pet down.
The leaflet is the latest in a series aimed at pet owners distributed through veterinary practices, which include such titles as:

  • Pre- and post-operative care
  • Pet travel
  • Pets and poisons
  • What makes my pet happy
AWF chairman Tiffany Hemming said: “As vets, we often see pet owners struggle with letting their pet go. Guilt may be the strongest emotion owners feel when deciding to put their pet down.
“We wanted to guide owners through this difficult time in a sensitive way and encourage them to ask questions and work with the vet to help them come to terms with the end of their pet’s life.
“While the leaflet is aimed at pet owners, we hope vets find it a useful communication tool during this distressing time for their clients.”
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