After 17 years of research, development and extensive trial work, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica is set to launch its new bovine viral diarrhoea (BVD) vaccine in April 2015.

BVD vaccine Bovela to launch in April 2015.

Bovela looks set to radically change the way BVD is controlled on-farms throughout Europe by offering “unrivalled flexibility and improved control” of this costly and endemic disease.

Allan Henderson of Boehringer explained: “BVD remains the most common viral disease affecting cattle throughout Europe, despite vaccines being available for more than 15 years. We asked farmers why this was the case and, without exception, they remarked that current vaccine protocols are unwieldy, requiring precise timings making them hard to follow.

“Bovela is a unique one-shot vaccine that can be used in cattle from three months of age and also whether pregnant or not. Other, currently available vaccines require a two-dose primary course with boosters annually or even every six months thereafter.”

According to the Mr Henderson, Bovela is the first and only vaccine in the UK proven to protect cattle from BVD type 1 and 2, while the foetal control delivered by the product gives “absolute confidence” that cows will not produce persistently infected (PI) animals.

“This, alongside the drastically improved convenience will undoubtedly make Bovela the natural choice for many farmers, both on beef and dairy farms,” he added.

  • Control of BVD depends on understanding farm BVD status, identification and removal of PIs, biosecurity and on-going monitoring as well as vaccination. Seeking veterinary advice on how to best tackle BVD in your herd is the best starting point.
  • Bovela can fit into an existing BVD control programme or can help with the start of a new one and it may be used to support eradication both at herd and regional level.
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