The RSPCA has launched its first flea treatment and is urging pet owners to treat their dogs and cats regularly to protect against fleas and ticks.

FLEAaway from the RSPCA is available online.

The cat flea is the most common type in the UK and will feed off other species. This means all pets in a household will require treatment, even if only one has fleas, the RSPCA says.

According to the charity, the most effective way to prevent fleas is to use a regular treatment, such as its newly developed FLEAaway product, before they strike.

Restlessness, scratching more than usual, scratching at ears or shaking of the head can all be indicative of the fact an animal has fleas.

Head of the RSPCA companion animals department Sam Gaines said: “We are really pleased to launch a recommended RSPCA flea treatment available on the high street. Using flea treatment is so important for pets to ensure they are comfortable, healthy and happy. Untreated fleas can lead to allergic reactions in some pets and can pass between animals, the home and humans.

“Unfortunately, even in a spotless home fleas can be a problem – it is estimated 95 per cent of a flea infestation is eggs, larva and pupae, which live in the environment.”

RSPCA FLEAaway contains fipronil, which is designed to affect the central nervous system of a parasite. It controls dog fleas for up to eight weeks and ticks up to four, while for cats, it lasts up to four weeks. Available from Pets at Home online, Amazon and the RSPCA’s online and centre shops, packs cost £3.99 for cats and start from £4.50 for dogs.

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