A novel appeal has been made to help relieve the boredom of abandoned ponies rescued from Bodmin Moor.

Play balls and other toys can help enrich the lives of the feral ponies now in the care of Blue Cross.

Blue Cross is appealing for donations of equipment, such as play scratching mats, play balls and mouthing fence toys to enrich the lives of the feral ponies now in its care.

Blue Cross rounded up the unclaimed ponies left on Bodmin Moor and found many of them to be in a “pitiful” state of health.

Difficult transition

Rolleston Rehoming Centre manager Tess Scott-Adams said: “Less than a year ago they roamed freely across the moors, able to play in streams and across a varied terrain of hills, woods and stony outcrops.

“Making the transition to a life of relative confinement is hard for them, no matter the excellent quality of the environment we are able to provide here at Blue Cross.

“Providing them with additional enrichment in the form of horse toys gives them something else to interact with and helps stimulate their inquisitive minds.”

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