Public Policy Exchange has announced a symposium allowing key stakeholders to discuss forthcoming regulatory changes and their ability to underpin higher welfare standards for animals at the time of slaughter.

From January 1, 2013, existing regulations governing the welfare of animals at slaughter were superseded by a new EU directive: Council Regulation (EC) 1099/2009 on the Protection of Animals at the Time of Killing.

The implementation of this directive requires new national legislation – the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations (WATOK) – which, given the complexity of the legal framework, the Government is currently considering.

This special symposium – entitled “Raising Animal Welfare Standards at the Time of Slaughter or Killing” – will take place in Central London on November 11 2014, and offers an “invaluable opportunity” for local authorities, food producers, animal welfare organisations, faith groups, veterinary professionals and other key stakeholders to discuss the changes.

Delegates will:

  • Assess the impact on existing WASK measures from Regulation 1099/2009 for animal welfare
  • Discuss whether there is a need for compulsory CCTV and monitoring in all slaughterhouses
  • Consider arrangements for existing slaughter license-holders and for those activities not previously licensed
  • Explore what will and will not be changed with regards enforcement, powers of entry, appeals, offences and penalties
  • Examine if the new proposed domestic regulations will respect religious and cultural considerations

For further details of the event – including the full event programme – or to book a place, visit the Public Policy Exchange website. Alternatively, email or call 0845 606 1535.

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