Thousands of dog owners could be planning to rebel against compulsory microchipping, according to a survey.

Concerns: MedicAnimal founder Andrew Bucher.

Research carried out by online retailer MedicAnimal has revealed of those owners whose dogs are not chipped, just one in four intend to comply by the April 2016 deadline.
Government dictatorship

Owners have described the move as a “government dictatorship”, an attack on “freedom of choice” and a “big brother” mentality, while others say the legislation penalises responsible dog owners.

Welfare issues

Welfare was another concern, with worries over adverse reactions to chips and the wisdom of chipping old or debilitated dogs.

The requirement to keep contact details relating to the microchip up to date is also causing concern, with the survey showing of those owners who had cause to change their details, 31% confessed to never having updated them.

Vet and MedicAnimal founder Andrew Bucher said: “While some people have positive experiences of microchips and appreciate the benefits, there is clearly a group that feel disenfranchised by having microchipping enforced on them and some genuine concern over the well-being of pets.


Nearly 150 pet owners responded to the survey and 26% of dog owners said their pet was not chipped. Of those, 53% said they had no intention of having their dog chipped and 20% were undecided. Around half of those surveyed said they did not know microchipping of dogs was to become compulsory until informed by MedicAnimal.

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