Nick Hill, the man behind the SureFlap, has announced a new version of the product for larger cats and small dogs, which will be launched in September.

A larger and improved version of the SureFlap microchip pet door is to be launched in September.

The new SureFlap is designed for larger cats and smaller dogsModifications to the new product, described as being suitable for larger cats and small dogs, include a larger aperture, compatibility with all international microchips, a curfew mode and dual locks to prevent would-be intruders.

The larger pet door was developed in response to customer feedback, which included the request for a curfew mode, which allows pet owners to specify the times at which the door is locked or open. This enables owners to keep a pet inside overnight.

All international formats of microchip are compatible, and the reader has a range of 30cm.

SureFlap inventor Nick Hill said: “The reader we originally designed has a range of up to 30 cm, well beyond what is usually required. This over-specification has been particularly useful where pets have older or migrated microchips, as well as the new small microchips.

This functionality was integral to the redesign and subsequent suitability of the door for use by dogs.

Dr Hill with his invention“As the nose-to-chip distance can vary greatly in dogs of different sizes and shapes, the range of the reader will come into its own with the new door,” added Dr Hill.

An RFID collar and tag is also supplied with the door if a pet is not microchipped, further widening its appeal across the pet-owning community.

“Although we advocate microchipping cats and dogs, levels of microchipping vary widely in different markets around the world, and we do not want to exclude any pets from being able to use SureFlap products. Like microchips, the code of each collar tag is unique, preventing any unwanted visitors from entering the home.”

The SureFlap microchip pet door will be available to order from September 2012 and retailers may visit the SureFlap stand (D4) at PATS Harrogate to see the new product.

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