An overweight dog described as being “like a barrel” has lost 5lbs and is now so fit, it can jump the garden fence.

Lola with (from left) owners Kathryn Gare and Kelly Feetenby with Minster veterinary nurse Kate Harrington.

Lola, a pug cross beagle known as a Puggle, is owned by Kelly Feetenby and Kathryn Gare from York.

When their friends started to comment the dog was like a barrel, Ms Feetenby and Ms Gare turned to Minster Veterinary Practice for advice and guidance on helping the two-year-old lose weight.

Cutting down

Ms Feetenby explained: “She was getting too many treats and scraps of human food.

“Over the past six months, people started saying she was like a barrel.

“We went to see a nurse at Minster and she advised changing her diet and cutting down on treats.”

For the win

Lola’s slimming success has seen her win a year’s supply of health food, courtesy of Minster vets, which ran a three-month weight reduction and mobility campaign.

Ms Feetenby, who owns York business KLF Tiling, added: “She was very lazy, but now has much more energy and loves running about. She has even jumped the fence.

“She is a very special dog who loves walks and we are keeping her on the diet.”



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