Results of a study into the efficacy of spinosad (Comfortis) tablets administered to a colony of 15 cats naturally infested with fleas found spinosad to be 100% effective.

No adult fleas were found on any cat from day 15 through to day 90.

The research carried out by Maria-Christine Cadiergues and Charline Pressanti from the dermatology clinic of the Toulouse Veterinary School, also noted a greater level of palatability than previously reported in clinical trials.

There were no side effects in any of the cats and, in addition, the study demonstrated spinosad can be used as a standalone treatment for mild to moderate flea infestation in an indoor environment without the need for environmental insecticides or anti-inflammatory treatment.

Four of the 15 cats in the enclosed laboratory colony developed skin lesions – two had miliary dermatitis lesions and two had symmetrical alopecia. All the cats were combed twice at the start of the study using an extra fine comb and fleas were counted before being replaced on each cat. In total 60 fleas were counted.

On the cats showing no lesions there was an average of 5.2 fleas per cat and on the cats exhibiting flea allergy dermatitis it was less than one. Two of these cats had no fleas on them, probably due to excessive grooming caused by pruritus.

The cats with skin lesions were assessed for pruritus levels using the SCORFAD system, an extent and severity scale for feline hypersensitivity dermatitis. The SCORFAD value rapidly decreased throughout the study and achieved 98% reduction by day 90. The skin lesions in the flea-allergic cats completely resolved without the use of any other flea control or anti-inflammatory products.

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