A veterinary student who had to halt her studies is appealing for help to achieve her goal.

Miss Ferguson has dreamed of bring a vet since childhood. Photo credit: Miss Ferguson.

Mature student Nicola Ferguson, from Perth, Scotland, moved to Budapest to study veterinary medicine at Szent Istvan Veterinary University, Hungary.

Once there, she received a university grant in recognition of her outstanding grades, but a series of events, including personal injury, forced her to stop her studies and return to the UK.

Miss Ferguson now needs a job to help her save for, fund and complete her degree.

Vet Richard Napp is helping to spread the word about Miss Ferguson’s situation. He said: “She will do whatever it takes and will be your most dedicated worker and will make sure you don’t regret hiring her. She is ready to be your (support) practice manager or do any other job that will allow her to reach her vocation.”

“At some point, Nicola will be forced to give up her dream. However, I cannot believe there is not one position somewhere in or outside of the UK that allows her to follow her dream and become one of us.

“We all had our dream and were able to make it. Let’s help this young lady and find her a job somewhere in the world of veterinary, pharmaceutical or related industries,” he added.

Miss Ferguson was a qualified lawyer, but gave up her job and home to follow her dream. If she qualifies as a vet, she would like to work in the charity sector with an emphasis on feline medicine.

Miss Ferguson said: “I had initially hoped to save the money I need to complete my veterinary degree by working, but a period of unemployment and several other unforeseen circumstances has meant this simply has not been possible. I would jump at the chance of any sort of employment where I would have the opportunity to start saving again, or a private loan from a philanthropist where I could start to repay the loan on graduation. Unfortunately, being a mature student studying overseas means I am not eligible for any type of loan from the UK banks or government.”

Ideally, she would like to continue studying in Budapest, but says she must also be realistic and potentially make some tough decisions.

Miss Ferguson said: “I feel incredibly honoured to have won the Thomas Vagi scholarship, which is awarded only very infrequently and only to students of outstanding academic and personal merit. More than anything, I would love to graduate top of my class and be awarded my degree from Szent Istvan, justifying its faith in me, and having my close friends around to share the day”.

If she cannot find any support or assistance from the veterinary community, either in the form of sponsorship, personal loan or a job, the only other option, Miss Ferguson says, would be to leave Europe and move to a country where the tuition fees and living expenses are minimal.

“If such a move is my only option then that is exactly what I will do. I believe if you have a true passion in your life, then no matter how hard it may be and no matter how many sacrifices are demanded of you, eventually you will achieve your goals if you are persistent enough and continue to believe in yourself,” she said.

Miss Ferguson can be contacted at nicola.fergusoncat@gmail.com  

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