A vet who was struck off in 2005 is to attempt to get restored to the register of veterinary surgeons for the second time this year.

Mr Cronin was originally struck off in 2005 and has already attempted restoration once.

Denis Cronin – who first attempted restoration in June this year – was struck off by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) after being found guilty of seven charges of serious professional misconduct. These included euthanising a cat in his own car and, when consent was in doubt, failure to explain the treatment of the animal to its owner.

Mr Cronin was also found guilty of:

  • threatening and abusive behaviour towards complainants and employees
  • failing to respond promptly to requests from the RCVS regarding complaints, and
  • inappropriate handling and transportation of animals, including the use of excessive force on a dog

The June hearing – where Mr Cronin was accompanied by Kevin Dodd, a doctor who argued the defendant had been successfully treated for the depression that led to the acts of misconduct – was adjourned by the RCVS’ disciplinary committee (DC) as it felt Mr Cronin “lacked a plan for the future or appreciation of the obligations he would face if restored and returned to practice”.

The hearing was therefore adjourned to allow Mr Cronin time to compile the necessary evidence to support a properly planned return-to-practice programme.

Judith Webb, who chaired the DC at the June adjournment, said it was likely Mr Cronin would be “somewhat disappointed” with the decision.

“[However] it will afford him an early opportunity to reflect on the concerns of the committee and to return with a properly supported programme for the future, which will show his understanding of the problems that are likely to face him on his return to practice and his proposals to meet those inevitable difficulties and stresses.”

Despite this, the committee stressed the adjournment was not an assurance that it would make a decision favourable to Mr Cronin when it reconvened, even if he provided the evidence requested. Nevertheless, his case is to be heard again on November 14, where the committee will once again decide whether Mr Cronin is fit to to be restored.

The committee’s full findings and decision on Mr Cronin’s case are available on the RCVS website.

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