Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has introduced the RAPIDPoint 340 and350 Blood Gas Analysers for low to mid-volume critical care patienttesting sites.

According to the company, these two models are small, low maintenance and easy-to-use cartridge-based systems. The simplicity makes them ideal for operators in a variety of critical care testing sites including respiratory services, intensive care units, operating or accident and emergency departments and the clinical laboratory.

RAPIDPoint 340 and 350 Blood Gas Analysers

The RAPIDPoint 340 analyser measures pH and blood gas (oxygen and carbon dioxide). The RAPIDPoint 350 analyser also measures electrolytes sodium, potassium, calcium or chloride and hematocrit.

All patient test results are available in minutes with minimal operator involvement, which assists those in critical care environments in making quick therapeutic decisions. Both new systems use a small patient sample size of 75 uL to 120 uL to accommodate all types of patients and have the ability to interface with hospital and laboratory information systems.

Siemens portfolio of blood gas analysers fit the needs of all sizes and types of laboratories and critical care sites, offering the ability to deliver critical care test results near the bedside or in high-volume hospital environments.

Each analyser has a high-level of accuracy and ease-of-use features that facilitate testing for any type of operator. RAPIDComm Data Management and connectivity solution is available for use with many of Siemens blood gas analysers too. This connectivity solution offers hospital-wide access, making it easier for healthcare providers to access patient test results throughout institutions.

Rapid, reliable blood gas information is essential across the entire spectrum of critical care and beyond the traditional hospital location, said Hilda Crockett, Marketing Manager Point of Care at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. RAPIDPoint analysers deliver critical patient results quickly and simply with a fast turnaround time to enable timely treatment. A sound connectivity solution in the form of RAPIDComm means results can be efficiently stored and communicated.

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