A second one-horned rhino has been butchered by poachers at an Indian national park.

The second rhino in one month was found in Kaziranga National Park with its horn sawed off and left for dead.

The news comes weeks after a female one-horned rhino was also poached for its horn and left to die at the same national park.

The body of the second rhino was discovered by forestry officials in the Burapahar range of Kaziranga in Assam, India, on January 4.

A park official told local website IndiLeak: “The staff did hear the sound of gunshots from the Burhapahar range and before the forest guards could extensively comb the area and spot the carcass, the poachers had sawed off the rhino’s horn and escaped from the scene.”

Rhinoceros horn poaching is one of the major environmental issues in the park, with animal body parts such as the toenails and skin having a value on the Asian medicinal market.  

The Indian rhinoceros, also known as the one-horned rhino, is listed as a vulnerable species.

Found mostly in the Assam state and in protected areas of Nepal, there are thought to be more than 3,000 living in the wild.

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