Oceans of Goodness has now made Seagreens Seaweed Pet Granules available for UK animal lovers through its website.

According to the company, seaweed encapsulates the minerals,vitamins and essential fatty acids of the mineral-rich marineenvironment and is a highly desirable addition to an animals diet.

Seagreens Pet Granules Visible benefits are said to include improved temperament, the appearance of the coat, increased energy and reduced bloating. Internally the granules enhance the value of other feed nutrients, regulate digestion and strengthen immunity.

Robert Monteath-Wilson, MD of Oceans of Goodness said: “Many of ourcustomers have given us wonderful feedback on how their pets dailyintake of seaweed has helped eradicate behavioural as well as sometimessevere physical problems such as acute skin conditions.

The Pet Granules originate from fresh Arctic seaweed, collected sustainably from the shallow waters of Norways Lofoten Islands. The same Norwegian family has for generations collected the seaweed which is then naturally air dried to ensure maximum nutrients are retained. Seagreens seaweed has 200 times more iron, eight times more magnesium and 100 times more iodine than the richest land vegetable.

All that is required to substantially improve the health of pets is 1/4 teaspoon mixed into food for cats and dogs, and two heaped teaspoons for horses and cobs over 15 hands. Regular daily inclusion can be more effective and less costly than drugs and supplements when health has already deteriorated.

Seagreens Pet Granules are available at £9.95 for 200g from www.oceansofgoodness.com or call 01293 520460.

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