The AHVLA’s latest update on Schmallenberg virus has reported cases on 276 farms in the UK. Since the last update, one new case – this time in sheep – has been found in Oxfordshire.

The AHVLA‘s latest update on GB testing results has seen confirmation of the Schmallenberg virus on 276 UK farms.

The AHVLA has reported Schmallenberg cases on 276 farms in the UKA report released on Friday (July 27, 2012) also confirmed that three premises that reported positive sheep holdings (earlier in the year) are now reporting cattle cases.

The figures also confirm the second case of Schmallenberg in Oxfordshire. The first of these cases – which was in cattle – was confirmed in the July 16, 2012 update. The latest case, however, has been found in sheep.

The report shows totals of:

  • 53 cases in cattle;
  • 220 in sheep;
  • 3 cases in both cattle and sheep on the same premises.

The Oxfordshire case is also the latest recorded new case of the disease in the UK.

The current figures, as released on July 27, are:






























The AHVLA said it is now to review previous cases where clinical signs and brain tests of infected animals did not provide consistent conclusions, as “the testing of fetal fluids may be of additional value in diagnosing Schmallenberg virus”.

Background information and an information note for farmers and vets (in both English and Welsh) are available to view and/or download from the VLA website Schmallenberg virus page.

  • AHVLA has adjusted some of the current total numbers for the counties where some premises lie close to a county boundary.

This has no bearing on the distribution of infection when it occurred last summer or on the Government’s assessment of the risk of incursion of potentially infected midges from continental Europe. It is a consequence of more detailed ongoing work following up affected premises in order to assess impact.

Image © AHVLA
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