Anew device which enables safe, UV-free visualisation of EtBr, SYBR Green andSYBR safe gels, is now available through electrophoresis specialist Cleaver Scientific (CSL).

SafeCloner means DNA bands can now been seen safely andclearly, using high efficiency LED illumination and filter glasses.

Coloured Gels Eliminatingharmful UV is an important benefit of SafeCloner, its LED illuminator removesthe dangers of conventional transilliminator use, such as stray UV which, if unchecked,can cause retinal damage. It also eliminates the dangers to technicians ofexposing their hands to harmful UV radiation, whichcan increase the risk of skin cancer and accelerate aging, whilst also damagingDNA.

LEDillumination does not damage DNA even after long exposure times. Also, the cloningefficiency of DNA fragments eluted from gels exposed to SafeCloner issignificantly improved compared to the cloning efficiency of DNA isolated fromtraditional UV-illuminated gels. SafeCloners blue epi-LED illumination andspecial filter glass result in greater sensitivity and contrast than longerwavelength 365nm transilluminators. SafeCloner can also be used withinexpensive gel documentation products such as the Cleaver Scientific Microdocunit.

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